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Electronic Courtroom Management


What is ezCourtRoom?

ezCourtRoom was designed with the modern client in mind. Gone are the days of taking time off work, spending hours in traffic, and missing valuable court time waiting for your case to be called. With ezCourtRoom, you can do court completely online. This application allows you and your clients to sign documents, live video call, and meet without being in-person. 

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Video Arraignments

Remote Video Arraignment provides an online court system that is compatible with any web-enabled device or video arraignment kiosks. With our ezMeeting integration, you can allow external participants to attend court sessions like witnesses, defendants, and interpreters. ezCourtRoom integrates with your existing recording system or we can add our recording system. this all can be hosted on a Cloud Solution in a Government Environment, on-premises, or a hybrid of both.

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Electronic Signing

Stop faxing, driving, or mailing documents to get them signed. ezCourtRoom allows any participant to sign a document in person, or virtually. Authenticated users can store their signatures for one-click signing. Meeting guests can sign using signature pads, the device they joined from like a phone or PC, or a kiosk if they are joining from a secure facility. ezCourtRoom also includes e-signing roles to ensure the correct user signs the correct field, at the correct time. Once signing is complete, e-filing integrations are available to store the final product. 


Docket Management

Looking for a way to keep your dockets organized and streamlined? ezCourtRoom offers arraignment and judge's docket features to help your team stay on top of cases. The arraignment docket is available for multiple dockets per court. In contrast, the judge's docket feature is equipped with schedule management, which allows you to organize arraignments by event types and groups. Plus, with our month and day view, you can easily watch your upcoming court dates.

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Document Generation

Looking to take your court proceedings paperless? With our Document Generation feature, you can customize workflows, collect electronic signatures online or in person, and access the Application Program Interface to file with the clerk for paperless court. All of these features on one web-enabled platform.

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