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Comprehensive Suite of Judicial Tools

Configurable judicial software that allows court staff to manage all aspects of the judicial process from one platform.

The Future of Justice

ezJustice provides a comprehensive suite of case management, communication, and remote reporting tools and services for courts, probation departments, jail facilities, CBCFs, and crime labs. Every ezJustice product is web-enabled making them easy to use, integrate, and scale.


An online, multi-tenant adult probation case management system created for the State of Ohio. OCSS is an Ohio-specific version of the ezSupervision platform that promotes the state's supervision standards and allows all departments to share data seamlessly.


Online juvenile probation case management distributed through the State of Ohio.  Similar to the OCSS project, OJSS was created specifically for the juvenile and family probation departments in Ohio. OJSS leverages the same multi-tenant architecture and feature set as OCSS.

Why ezJustice?

As the company that initially started ezJustice, StepMobile is now focusing its efforts on court connectivity solutions. With many years of experience in software development, our team understands what users need and want from their software solutions.  Our goal is to empower community safety and help regulate criminal justice standards. We are proud to be the powering force behind ezJustice Solutions.


Use Any Device, Anywhere

Finally, a single platform accessible on the web with the ability to seamlessly transition to any of your other devices.  Every ezJustice product is designed to run on the web, on any device. This cloud-based architecture allows all ez applications to be securely accessed anytime, from anywhere. 

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Completely Customizable

We don't all do business the same. Each product includes the perfect blend of application standardization while offering the highest level of customization available. Have a need not met? Our parent company, StepMobile, is a US-based software development company. If you can dream it, we are ready to build it.

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Be the Most Effective

How? ez. We leverage technology. The ezJustice team has spent countless hours analyzing court operations and we've taken this data to make ourselves experts in the space. Utilizing this expertise, we've developed technologies to eliminate the antiquated procedures and methodologies still in use by many courts today. Look at any product in the ezJustice suite and you'll find significant time savings and process optimization.

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ezJustice is the future of the Court

Learn How ezJustice can benefit your agency today.

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