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Audit Log


The Audit Log features is the perfect tool for agencies that want to maintain transparency and accountability. With the Audit Log, administrators can see exactly when and how data is being changed in real-time. This way, you can be sure that your officers are always acting in the best interest of your clients.

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The Audit Log feature is used for agencies that want to analyze case management data in real time. Administrators can see the exact date and time the user rendered client data, which client the officer is changing data on, what action, and even further details about what action was done. The Audit Log feature is an essential tool for any agency that wants to maintain high accountability and transparency. Users can also deploy the embedded reporting engine to audit missing fields, find holes in data, and ensure standards are being met internally.

Spotlight Features

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Track Detailed Activity by User
  • Identify specific actions done by users or clients at exact times/dates
  • Filter audit entries by a list of users
  • Add detailed information about the changes made to the client management forms
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Audit Data at the Field Level
  • Field Visit Tracking Form allows agencies to have detailed information about user field visits
  • Hold users accountable for field visits and pinpoint officer location
  • Track time spent at field visit locations to optimize visits
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See Current and Previous Data
  • Pinpoint when/where users have made a mistake in their case management system
  • Restoration of data
  • Hold the agency/ users accountable for changes made to the system
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Filter Data

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Field Visit Audit

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