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Field Visit Planning Tool


Optimize and plan field visits with our Field Visit Planning Tools! Our easy-to-use tool generates an optimized field visit based on your caseload, client's risk score, or supervision type, all within one platform. Plus, we created a mobile application to log notes and increase officer safety with GPS-enabled tracking. 

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The Field Visit Planning tool optimizes your routes automatically, using existing data in ezSupervision. This feature pulls data from the client profiles to create the optimal route needed to plan a field visit. Administrators can set field visit frequencies based on supervision type or risk score to ensure field visits are being conducted according to agency standards.

Officers can view routes, identify treatment facilities, and visualize client homes using our Google Maps integration. Plus, our mobile application lets you track your field visit stops to increase officer safety and log case notes directly in the client's management form.

Spotlight Features

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Field Visit Frequency
  • View the location and number of days since the last field visit for clients around your scheduled field visits
  • Agency-defined criteria for field visit occurrence
  • Define field visit frequency by client’s risk score or supervision type
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Optimized Routes
  • Google Map integration to pinpoint locations
  • Identify nearby schools, bars, and treatment facilities
  • Provides users with the best route to minimize travel times
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Mobile Application
  • OCSS & OJSS apps are available in the Apple Store or Google Play store
  • Officer Mapping Utility allows users to navigate to stops on the route
  • Officer Tracking Form allows leadership to see live and historical trackpoints
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Field Visit Planning Tool

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Audit Field Visits

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