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Calendar Tools


ezSupervision's Calendar Tools are designed specifically with officers and clients in mind. With our intuitive yet powerful calendar tool features, organizing your day-to-day operations has never been easier!

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Our Calendar Tools help you schedule and track appointments all within one platform. Our robust system allows you to schedule client appointments directly on the calendar, automate text or voice call reminders using the Communication Module, and be notified when clients arrive for their appointments. Plus, our Substance Testing Calendar feature allows you to assign substance testing frequency to your clients for a truly random substance testing system using the Substance Testing Platform

Officers will also benefit from automated reporting when clients fail to show up for their scheduled appointments. Each officer will automatically receive a report of their missed appointments for the day, allowing them to focus on the people that didn't report instead of crossing names off a list as visits are completed.

Spotlight Features

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Check-In Calendar
  • Check-In Kiosk Integration 
  • Automated notification to officers when their clients check-in
  • Daily and up-to-date Schedule of clients
Random Substance Testing Spotlight Icon 1
Substance Test Calendar
  • Frequency-based randomized testing
  • Schedule additional days outside of the randomized scope
  • Generate nightly reports based on data entered
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Custom Calendar Views
  • Define your availability
  • Define colors to your appointment types
  • View staff calendars by staff you supervise, department, specific staff, office, and/or role 
My Calendar

My Calendar

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Check-In Calendar

Substance Testing Calendar

Substance Testing Calendar

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Customized Calendar

Appointment Reminders

Appointment Reminders

End of the day report

End of the Day Reports

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