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Collect Surveys from your clients easily! Our Survey feature allows you to collect all anonymous responses with an in-person kiosk or remotely using the Client Portal. With automatic question scoring and survey reports, you’ll always be up-to-date on your client's feedback and maintain grant standards. 

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By issuing a survey code to your clients, you can allow them to complete the survey on a kiosk in-person or through their Client Portal on a web-enabled device. Plus, our ezSupervision system will generate an analysis report for you to review, so you can hold officers accountable and stay transparent with your clients. The survey module makes it easy to accomplish that standard of grants and ensure client satisfaction across the caseload. An unlimited amount of surveys and questions can be added to the ezSupervison system.

Spotlight Features

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Define Questions and Scoring
  • Customizable questions based on agency standards
  • Scoring values are defined by the agency
  • Unlimited surveys can be added
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Analysis Reports
  • Increase officer productivity and transparency
  • Generate a report based on the question type
  • Maintain grant compliance
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Kiosk & Client Portal Integration
  • Complete surveys on any web-enabled devices via Client Portal
  • Clients access surveys by being issued a 4-digit survey code
  • Anonymously answer surveys
Customized Surveys

Customized Surveys

Meet Grant Standards

Meet Grant Standards

Survey questions

Survey Questions

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Maybe your morning coffee to kick your brain into full gear? Once you have got it, a wonderful experience implementing your supervision system awaits. Ask any of our customers; we're with you every step of the way.