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Our versatile kiosk applications are available to help you free up staffing resources by streamlining client check-ins, intakes, unattended self-reporting, collecting payments, and completing surveys.

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The ezSupervision kiosk application includes a variety of functions all designed to support the agency. First, the Check-In function, allows clients arriving for an appointment to be checked and notify the officer electronically. Clients answer a series of assigned questions and the system to notifies the correct officer directly. This eliminates the need for the  "check-in clipboard" and notifying the receptionist. 

Our intake module allows clients to begin to build their client profile. They report their demographics, address, phone, and any other data collected by the department to their officer for verification. This eliminates copying handwritten intake sheets into the system.

The survey function will enable clients to participate in electronic surveys with questions that your agency customizes. All scoring is also included in the survey module.

The payment function allows for the collection of cash or credit card payments. Restrict the number of hands on department funds by allowing the kiosk to collect money.

Deploy a self-report kiosk to allow unattended interviews to be conducted in the field. These interviews are secured by facial recognization or a vascular palm scan.

Lastly, we have different models; free-standing or wall-mounted kiosks available to fit your agency's needs.

Spotlight Features

Check-In Kiosk Spotlight Icon 1
Check-In Kiosk
  • Saving the first 5 minutes of every office visit with streamlined check-ins
  • Staff is notified directly when their client checks-in
  • Real-Time status of wait and visit times
Check-In Kiosk Spotlight Icon 2
Payment Kiosk
  • Accept card, cash, Apple pay, Google pay, and Samsung Pay
  • Auto-distribute payments to the client's financial accounts
  • Generate daily deposit tickets and financial reports quickly 
Check-In Kiosk Spotlight Icon 3
  • Define if a client needs to take a survey based on their appointment type
  • Agency-defined survey questions
  • Clients can complete surveys on their Client Portal via any web-enabled device
Check-In Kiosk ScreenShot 1

Check-In Calendar

Check-In Kiosk

Check-In Questions

Check-In Kiosk ScreenShot 3

Updated Client Photos

Kiosk Options

Multiple Kiosk Options

Survey Questions

Administer Surveys

More ezSupervision Features

So, What are you waiting for?

Team buy-in? Budget approval from your leadership?

Maybe your morning coffee to kick your brain into full gear? Once you have got it, a wonderful experience implementing your supervision system awaits. Ask any of our customers; we're with you every step of the way.