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Communication Platform


Our Communication Platform is the most effective way to communicate with your caseload, administration, and others by sending appointment reminders, direct messages, and mass communication to be sent and stored all from one platform.

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With the Communications Platform, you can send text messages or voice calls directly to clients, entire caseloads, and/or clients based on their appointment type. Plus, you'll receive real-time statistics to identify when clients receive a message. If, for some reason, they didn't receive a message; you'll be alerted so that you can follow up.

The communications platform includes:

Direct texting  - send and received texts from one agency phone number. Both messages sent and received from clients are logged in the client's profile automatically.

Appointment Reminders  - automated text or voice call reminders. The messages and delivery frequency can be customized per appointment type.

Mass communication - send a text or voice message to the caseload. Users can filter on officers, supervision types, specialized dockets, or existing appointments between a date range.

Spotlight Features

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Client Text Messaging 
  • Send and receive messages from one agency phone number
  • Mass text/call utility is available to notify entire caseloads of updates.
  • Correspondence is automatically logged in the client's Communication section
Appointment Reminders
Appointment Reminders
  • Automatically send reoccurring reminders to clients based on calendar appointments
  • Customize wording and notification frequency per appointment type
  • Messages are sent and stored on one platform
Real Time Communication Statistics
Real-Time Statistics
  • Pinpoint when clients receive their communications
  • An error notification will alert you when communication is not received
  • Review client/agency communication data
Direct Client Messaging

Direct Client Messaging

Appointment reminders

Appointment Reminders

Communication history log

Communication History

Mass Communication

Mass Communication

More ezSupervision Features

So, What are you waiting for?

Team buy-in? Budget approval from your leadership?

Maybe your morning coffee to kick your brain into full gear? Once you have got it, a wonderful experience implementing your supervision system awaits. Ask any of our customers; we're with you every step of the way.