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Document Management


Quickly generate, share, and store agency documents based on existing client and agency data. Plus, you can send documents directly to clients using our e-signing feature so that your clients can sign documents unattended from any web-enabled device. 

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Our preloaded agency templates allow you to generate documents with any data entered into ezSupervision. Long gone are the days of copying and pasting a blank template to your desktop and starting from scratch.

Our templates will autofill with the existing client data. Need to make an additional edit?  No problem, select the edit button in the application to edit in your Word processing application. All edits made are automatically uploaded back to ezSupervision. and stored on the client. The original agency template is unaffected.

Each template can be electronically signed by all parties. E-signing can occur with a signature pad, a one-time SMS link, in the Client Portal, or by email. In the office, e-signing can be role-based allowing officers and supervisors to sign in the correct locations, in the correct order.

Agencies can also utilize standardized global templates such as the 10A, 10G, CCIS, and Case Plan documents to further streamline the document creation process.

Spotlight Features

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Generate Documents
  • 100+ Preloaded document templates
  • Customize your reports (financial, caseload list, etc.) by having them auto-populate information already inputted to ezSupervision
  • Grant-specific reports such as JRIG, CCA, ACA, and CJ-8 reports are ready to use
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Electronic Signing
  • Sign from a signature pad or one-time link sent via text message or email
  • Set time-outs for collecting signatures quickly
  • Signed forms are automatically stored back in the Client's management form
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Permission by Role
  • Intelligent routing to capture signatures from officers, supervisors, etc in the correct order
  • Quickly e-sign documents based on your assigned role
  • Assign specific users to add, delete, and modify roles/ permissions
Document Templates

Document Templates

Autofill Data

Autofill Data

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Store Documents

upload documents

Upload Documents

electronic signatures

Electronic Signatures

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