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Incentives, Violations, and Dosage


The Incentives, Violations, and Doasge features allow you to track your client's incentives, track violations and link them to sanctions, and record dosage using multiple methods throughout the case management system. 

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ezSupervision's Incentives, Violations, and Dosage features allow you to create custom incentive types to reward clients for positive behavior; track their case's progress within the system; attach documents to violations for corroboration; automatically calculate dosage hours, and identify risk levels quickly.

Quickly identify grant-specific ratios such as incentives to violations (ITV) or incentives to sanctions (ITS) to maintain grant compliance in the ezSupervision header. All this data is available in the reporting engine however the agency needs.

Spotlight Features

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  • Track incentives within the client's management form
  • Create custom incentives
  • Link client’s cases to their Incentives, attach documents and add detailed information
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Violations and Sanctions
  • Track violations and link sanctions
  • Link conditions to the violation
  • See incentives to violations (ITVs) and incentives to sanctions (ITSs) ratios.
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  • Quick view of calculated dosage hours
  • Store dosage documents
  • Target risk level based on tracked dosage hours
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Dosage Calculator

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Track Incentives

Link Conditions

Manage Conditions

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