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In-Out Board


The web-enabled In-Out Board feature is an efficient way to keep track of your staff in real time. This feature makes it ez to see who’s in the office, out on the field, or out for the day. Plus, you can send messages between users to streamline communication throughout your agency.

Let's Dive Deeper


The In-Out Board provides real-time visibility into your agency, informing you of all staff statuses via ezSupervisions's mobile app or on any web-enabled device. It's time to get rid of the dry-erase board with the magnets everybody forgets to move around. The In-Out Board is integrated with the Check-In Kiosk for automatic notification routing when staff is unavailable to make sure your clients receive attention upon arrival.

Spotlight Features

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View Staff Statuses
  • Set your status via a web-enabled device
  • Assign staff daily roles: Duty Officer, Intake Officer, Substance Test Officer, etc.
  • Customized In-Out Board display
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Messaging Integration
  • Send messages directly to staff
  • Text message integration allows users to contact specific staff members directly
  • Streamline communication to receive answers quickly
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Automated Notifications
  • Notifications are sent to designated staff when clients check in at the kiosk
  • Automated notifications are sent as users come and go for staff accountability
  • Eliminate the need to check in with other staff members manually
Show Your Status

Show Your Status

View Staff Statuses

View Staff Statuses

Message staff

Message Staff

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